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Necdet Yavaş

Hardware Notes

BIOS/UEFI Settings

Intel Settings

Intel Speedstep or EIST: OS conrolled clock speeds. Older

Intel SpeedShift: Cpu controlled clock speeds. Newer

I disable SpeedStep/EIST and use SpeedShift to let CPU control itself.

I prefer undervolting lately since clock speeds are not everthing and IPC (instructions per clock) plays a big role in performance. Lower -0.010v and test. Go lower if system is stable.

Don't forget to test NVME SSDs for instability too.

Disable Hyper-Threading if you don't really need it. Cpu runs cooler. My 13700K performs at least 10c cooler with NH-D15.

Use Intel TurboBoost but disable motherboard manufacturer overclock settings. They push too much voltage and generate too much heat as a result.
Disable Asus Multicore Enhancement
Disable MSI Enhanced Turbo